90-Day Mentorship 

February 19th at 6:00pm MST


Why do I need a mentor? 
 Having a Christian mentor can provide immense benefits for your spiritual growth and development. A mentor can guide you in your faith journey, help you navigate through challenging situations, and provide you with a source of accountability and support. Additionally, a mentor can share their own experiences and wisdom, provide encouragement and prayer, and help you develop a deeper understanding of your faith, identity and relationship with God. Ultimately, a Christian mentor can help you draw closer to God and become the best version of yourself that you can be. We all need mentors in our lives. 

Why mentorship is important?
This mentorship program will equip you with the tools you need to live triumphant life. In the next 90 days you'll be edified, encouraged and empowered to move forward victoriously. We are going to do "spiritual inventory", find out what are the things holding you back and eliminate them. You'll be challenged to dream again, get closer to God, find and fulfil your purpose on this Earth. We have limited spots available and if you take an action and register now...

This is what you are going to walk away with:


  • opportunity to gain new perspectives, insight and revelation
  • help with overcoming challenges and obstacles
  • greater clarity
  • guidance, support & encouragement
  • ability to quickly identify spiritual hindrances and eliminate them
  • a greater sense of spiritual awareness leading to a more fulfilling & meaningful life
  • confidence in your spiritual walk with God
  • weekly online meetings 
  • Q & A and practical application
  • ...and MUCH MORE 

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The Registration Deadline is February 17th, 2024 


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